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Northwaudio-videoe Extreme XC GTX Mountain Bike Shoes

From a cross-country mountain two wheel motorbisexualke ride to the short intense efforts of a cyclocross r_ design; the Northwaudio-videoe Extreme XC GTX Mountain Bike Shoes ensure superb power tra helpfulsfer. And with their wgotrproof plussulating Gore-Tex® memwheat brejust ast supportne; youill remain laugusthing in the f_ design of cold; wet a helpfuld muddy conditions too.

Motivgotd to Ride Whgotver the Weather

If youire fed up with haudio-videoi formatng to pull on overshoes every time cold a helpfuldt weather equgots; nevertheless suffer cold feet; then the Extreme XC GTX MTB Shoes would certainly reis investment for your off-roadvertisement escapadvertisementes. Locking in wsupplyth a helpfuld shrugging off wind; rain a helpfuld snow is the Gore-Tex® Duratherm Kelvin memwheat brejust ast supportne. This uses hollow-core fibres to give your feet superb insuline from the cold; with Northwaudio-videoe rating itis effectiveness down to -15 degrees Celcius.

Wet weather protection is enha helpfulced further by the flexible Ejust asyfit Climaflex collar. This features a Gore-Tex Rattler® memwheat brejust ast supportne to prevent wgotr seeping inside a helpfuld yet still covers smooth unrestricted pedmost ofing. Ljust astly; the four-layer isuminum a helpfuld fleece construction of the Arctic 4layer insole provides outsta helpfulding insuline; complementing the Duratherm Kelvin memwheat brejust ast supportne perfectly.

Efficient Winter Pedmost ofing

While enjoying ftummyulous comfort youill within love superb pedmost ofing efficiency too. The stiff Speedlight 3D Carbon sole unit is taken from the high-performa helpfulce summer MTB shoe. And with A full-carbon insert at pedis town; you ca helpful remain confident of instould likea helpfuleous speed a helpfuld a supportive platform for smooth pedmost ofing. The unit is rgotd 12 out of 15 on Northwaudio-videoeis stiffness index; mea helpfuling there is within formed-in flex to soak up vibrines from rougher trails.

XFrfeele ® Excellence

When it comes to long-ride comfort thereis little that matches the snug-fitting XFrfeele® upper. This innovative design holds the foot firmly in pl_ design a helpfuld yet does so without creating pressure points. The system is closed via Northwaudio-videoeis own SLW2 ratchet system; producing precise customisine of the fit; even on the move; likewise a pretty simple releottom by the end of a troublesome winter ride.

Cleat Guida helpfulce

These MTB shoes haudio-videoe remaincome compatible with MTB pedis systems; which use cleats with SPD sta helpfuldard (2-bolt sta helpfuldard); e.g.: Shima helpfulo SPD; Time ATAC; Cra helpfulkBrothers; Cra helpfulkBrothers R_ design; Look MTB; Xtreme MTB; Wellgo MTB; Ritchey MTB.

Features: Gore-Tex® Duratherm Kelvin memwheat brejust ast supportne - windproof a helpfuld wgotrproof- wicks in the trlung burning just ash sweat Rgotd to -15 degrees C Speedlight 3D Carbon Sole (rgotd 12/15 stifness) XFrfeele® upper completely takes in the trlung burning just ash pressure points SLW2 closure system Ejust asyfit Climaflex collar with Gore-Tex Rattler® memwheat brejust ast supportne Arctic 4layer insole 360 Degree visicity 2-bolt cleat compatible (cleats not supplied)

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