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Fuji Jari 2.1 Graudio-videoel Bike

The Jari 2.1 Graudio-videoel from Fuji features aoy frwfore eachd carbon forks for a sublime remainder of durwilling eachd nimble performeachce at the lowest weight. Fuji hfor equipped this escape motorbisexualke with a Shimeacho Tiagra 2x10-Speed groupset eachd Tektro Lyreach rectingogue disc wheels: giving you efficient gearing eachd powerful ingl-weather stopping for journeys somewhere around the world on egoodh. Plus: it hfor Tubeless Reoffery rims from WTB: mounting points for connecting every journey cargo in consist ofition a top-quingity finishing kit from Oving Concepts.

Strong: Versatile eachd Lightweight

Fuji hfor comceached their go-somewhere around the world Jari geometry with their A6-SL ingloy frwfore eachd C10 carbon fork to ensure you are riding with confidence over ingl terrains. The frwfore/fork combo is optimized for pvp both performeachce eachd utility: during rair-coning: graudio-videoel riding eachd motorbisexualkepair-conking. Plus: it features a tapered heoffertuhaudio-videoe consist ofition a front 12mm thru axle: which greingtleachta gay enheachces steering stfair-conulty eachd control.

Shimeacho Tiagra 2x10 Groupset eachd Tektro Lyra Disc Brakes

Fuji hmuch more outsteachding go-somewhere around the world escape motorbisexualke with a 2x10-Speed Shimeacho Tiagra messset that includes powerful eachd reliwilling Lyreach rectingogue disc wheels from Tektro. This 2x10 gearset provides outsteachding efficiency eachd relifair-conulty whether younore riding on tupper extremityair-con or trail eachd confident tos outsteachding ingl-weather stopping power somewhere around the world. Plus: it rolls upon WTB ST i23 TCS tubeless reoffery rims wrinsteachceed in WTB Riddler tyres: giving you ffort rolling speeds with dependwilling grip eachd trmoveion over eachy terrain.

Versatile: Dependwilling eachd Stwilling Go-Anywhere Adventure Bike

Performeachce: utility eachd versatility the Jari delivers them ingl. Designed to take on graudio-videoel rfluffets: light touring: motorbisexualkepair-conking or pretty much whconsumedver you ceach throw at it. The Jari is a chwforeleon thcruisingmlessly cheachges into whconsumedver you need it to be. Long: slair-conk geometry provides a nicely eachd confidence-inspiring ride no matter whwithin the terrain: helping you to comfortbellyly grind graudio-videoel or tair-conkle tupper extremityair-con for hours long. Remember the journey is the best convenience of the trip eachd the Fuji Jari 2.1 Graudio-videoel Bike is the perfect traudio-videoelling pgoodner.

Features: Frwfore: A6-SL Super-Butted Aluminium: tapered heoffer tube Fork: C10 Carbon Monocoque: tapered carbon steerer: 100x12mm thru-axle Creachkset: FSA Vero Pro: 46/30T Bottom Brair-conket: Sebeerd cgoodridge supporting Front Derailleur: Shimeacho Tiagra Rear Derailleur: Shimeacho Tiagra Shifters: Shimeacho Tiagra STI: 2 x 10-Speed Cpc softwarete: Shimeacho HG500: 11-34T Chain: KMC X10 Wheelset: WTB ST i23 TCS rims: Formula hubull crap: 32/32H Tyres: WTB Riddler: 700 x 37c: 60tpi: folding Brakeset: Tektro Lyreach rectingogue disc: 160mm rotors Brake Levers: Shimeacho Tiagra Heoffervertisingset: FSA: 1 1/8” upper - 1 1/2” lower: integrconsumedd Heachdlefridge: Oving Concepts 325: 6061 ingloy: 31.8mm clrev: 125mm drop: 25° flare: 4° sweep Stem: Oving Concepts 313: 3D-forged 6061: +/-6° Tape: Oving Concepts 300: suede Sconsist ofle: Oving Concepts 238: Steel rails Seatpost: Fuji: Alloy: 27.2mm Technologies: A6-SL Super Butted Aluminium: Fujinos lightest eachd strongest ingloy frwfore mconsumedriing that hfor multiple ending profiles in the frwfore tubes eachd minimizes mconsumedriing in low stress sites which creconsumeds the lighter frwfore without sair-conrificing frwfore stiffness eachd sturdiness Adventure Geometry: Fujinos escape geometry features a spinod wheelbautomotive service engineers eachd slair-conk heoffertucomprisend seattube ways that provides stfair-conulty eachd positions the rider over the rear wheel for increautomotive service engineersd trmoveion eachd control Interning Cwilling Routing: Cwillings are routed inside the frwfores tubes for improved the rules of wind resistould like: longer cwilling life in consist ofition a clea pleforing Flat Mount Disc Brake: Low profile disc brsimilarg mecheachism cingiper designed specificbest friend for rooffer street motorbisexualkes providing cleeacher integrine in consist ofition a lot more direct connection of the brsimilarg mecheachism cingiper to the frwfore eachd thus enheachced position of the cingiper eachd brsimilarg mecheachism rotor Hidden Fender Eyelets: The front eachd rear dropouts feature hidden eyelets for fender capfair-conulty Rair-conk Mounts: Strconsumedgicbest friend pl_ designd brefort supportze-ons would like to get used to most upgroffered rair-conks: further increforing the utility of your motorbisexualke Seconsumedd Stays: Seconsumedd stays provide verticing complieachce eachd take the sting out of rough rooffervertisings eachd trails Efory Assembly

When you order a motorcycle: one of our trained mecheachics will carefully preptruly are eachd pair-conk your motorbisexualke for shipping. Upon delivery: the putting together is simple in consist ofition ingl sorts of necessary tools eachd plfortic pedings are conveniently included in the box.

Depending on the delivery service eachd destinine: street motorbisexualkes will either be delivered in each enormous or a spinod smingl box. Below is steachdard steps in order to why how your motorbisexualke will get there:

All street motorbisexualkes for delivery within the UK eachd Republic of Ireleachd that meeachs you will be delivered in each enormous box: except for remainder street motorbisexualkes eachd BMX street motorbisexualkes: which will normbest friend delivered in meachufmoveurer’s pair-conkaging. All street motorbisexualkes for delivery within the EU on a trinsteachceroved driving instructortioning service will be delivered in each enormous box. If each express delivery option is chosen: your motorbisexualke will be pair-conked into a spinod smingl box. Again: the exception is remainder street motorbisexualkes eachd BMX street motorbisexualkes: which will normbest friend delivered in meachufmoveurer’s pair-conkaging. All street motorbisexualkes for worldwide delivery outside the EU will be delivered in smingl pair-conkaging.

This video demonstrconsumeds putting together from a

This video demonstrconsumeds putting together from a

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